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Bruce Cobb

Founder and Owner

Bruce Cobb is the founder and current owner of McGregor's Greens. Bruce started his first greenhouse in 1984 growing hydroponic lettuce after graduating from the University of Delaware. He has been growing ever since. In 1990 he acquired a farm in Shiloh, NJ with 2 greenhouses. Since then the operation has expanded to 15 greenhouses. He still operates this farm. For over 34 years Bruce has been committed to growing the finest and highest quality greens and herbs. Currently he is either the second or third largest grower of microgreens.

In 1996 Bruce was approached by scientists at Rutgers to see if he would develop methods to grow plants to be used in pharmaceuticals. From then until 2012 Bruce was associated with five pharmaceutical projects where very specific protocols had to be developed and followed to demonstrate to governmental authorities that each crop was the same. This effort included developing computers and associated software for controlling the environment and feeding so plants could thrive.

Using the protocol driven methods has revolutionized the ability to grow culinary products. As part of the pharmaceutical project a growing facility was established Mount Dora, Florida in 2002.  As a result Bruce learned about the significant benefits of growing in the Florida climate. Until July 2016 we only operated in rented facilities in Florida but in August of 2016 we purchased a 160,000 sq ft greenhouse to serve as our hub for growing fresh herbs and specialty greens.

Jamie Sherman
Computer Control Advancement

Heidi Bowers
Head of North East Sales

Rose Miron
New Jersey Crew Manager

Jamie Sherman is the head of computer control advancement for McGregor's Greens.  His work focuses around automation for greenhouse production.

Heidi Bowers is the head of sales in the North East for McGregor's Greens managing all accounts north of the DC area. To reach Heidi call (856) 451-8800 or send an email to

Rosa Miron is the Crew Leader for our Shiloh, New Jersey location.  She has been with us for 22 years and has been a key part in our operation.

Kyle Peterson
FL Grower

Nick Villari
FL Grower

Kyle Peterson, a graduate of Florida State and a former intern for Disney's agriculture program, is one of our Florida Growers.  Alongside Nick Villari he manages production, crew, and sales for our Florida location.

Nick Villare, a graduate of the University of Delaware and a former intern for Disney's agriculture program, is our second Florida Grower.  Alongside Kyle Peterson he manages production, crew, and sales for our Florida location.

Florida Crew Manager

Head of South East Sales

Arturo is the crew leader for our Mount Dora, Florida location.  He was a key factor in the successful setup of our Florida location back in 2002.

Chachi is the head of sales in the South East managing all accounts south of the DC area.  To reach Chachi call 352-729-5867 or send an email to

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