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McGregor's Produce

McGregor’s Micro Greens, Baby Greens and herbs have a unique taste and flavor that can only be produced in our enhanced growing environment.  We use the best natural seed along with the safest and most precise nutrient mixing system to produce the freshest and highest quality greens and herbs.  In other words, If you see the McGregor's logo then you know you are in for a treat!

McGregor's produce is sold along the East Coast to various markets and restaurants.  If you are looking to get a hold of our product, please visit a local food distributor.  If you are unable to find our product in store you can order directly from us.  You can find a link to our online store in the navigation menu.  If you are interested in carrying our product please give us a call or write us an email.

More information can be found on our "Contact Us" page.  If you would just like to learn more about a specific product use this page to find what you are looking for.  Spec sheets are placed below product descriptions.  And finally, to download or print a complete list of McGregor's products click the link below.

Product List

Micro Greens

McGregor's Microgreens are delicious, fresh, and vibrant. We take great pride in growing, packing, and selling these small and tasteful wonders.

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Living Mint

Living Mint is a product that can add flavor to any dish. Just like our Living Basil it's simple, delicious, and guaranteed to be 100% fresh.

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McGregor's Corn and Pea Shoots are simply delicious. They are sweet, savory, and perfect for any meal that needs a little extra flavor.

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Living Basil

McGregor's Living Basil is strong, healthy, and easy to use. This product allows you to have your very own basil garden inside your home.

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Potted Herbs

McGregor's Potted Herbs are beautiful and strong. They are grown in biodegradable pots and would make a great gift for any garden enthusiast.

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Pea Tendrils

McGregor's Pea Tendrils are great for soups, stir fries or salads. Their unique stalk and leaf pattern will improve the display of any dish you prepare.

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Cut Herbs

McGregor's cut herbs are perfect for chefs and home cooks. Who knew it was possible to pack so much flavor, color, and taste into a single clam shell?

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Wheat Grass

McGregor's Wheat Grass is a unique product that your pet will love. Its safe and healthy and most importantly it will keep your furry friend occupied for hours.

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Upland Cress

McGregor's Upland Cress is an entirely new product for us.
Its vibrancy and peppery flavor will add to any dish you create.

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