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McGregor's Potted Herbs

McGregor’s Potted Herbs are perfect for any home display or garden.  Our potted herbs are strong, good looking, and full of taste.  We grow potted herbs the same way we grow other products such as microgreens and living basil.  We use high quality seed with an advanced nutrient filtration system to ensure that you receive the healthiest plant possible.  Currently, we offer basil, dill, sage,

mint, parsley, oregano, rosemary, tarragon, thyme, and marjoram as potted herbs. All of our potted herbs can be placed on a kitchen counter or windowsill and be used throughout the season. Need something to add that extra bit of flavor to your dish. Just take a snipping from any of our potted herbs. If you are looking to buy our potted herbs for retail purposes please follow

the link below to our retail packaging page.   There you will find a complete listing of the potted herbs we offer with spec sheets and contact information.  If you are looking to buy our potted herbs for your own kitchen or garden be sure to check with your local grocer.  If they do not carry our product you can always buy directly from us on our online store.

Care Instructions

McGregor's Potted Herbs should be kept in an area that receives some sunlight (ie. windowsill, countertop, deck, or patio).  Be sure to water your potted herb plant when needed.  If cared for properly your plant should thrive for months.



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