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McGregor's Pea Tendrils

McGregor's Green Pea Tendrils are as sweet as the peas themselves! They are a vibrant green that can add a different dimension to salads by offering a sweet flavoring contrast.  Their unique stalk and leaf pattern will improve the display of any dish you prepare. They make the ultimate garnish, bed of greens, soup, stir fry and salad addition.

Green Pea Tendrils more commonly called Pea Shoots are extremely healthy for you.  They offer high amounts of calcium, iron, phosphorus,potassium and magnesium. Since they are considered a legume, they provide higher amounts of limiting amino acids such as methionine and lysine than traditional grains.  Want to try McGregor's Pea Tendril.  

If you are buying for retail or food service purposes please use one of the links below.  Both pages will have packaging and contact information listed.  If you are a home cook looking to try our product you can go to our online store or any of the retail markets we sell to.  We encourage you to try McGregor's Pea Tendrils on your next dish.  

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