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Our goal is to provide fresh, locally grown produce just like the farmers did in the early part of this past century. Back then, everyone had access to either home-grown or locally grown crops that were fresh picked. Unfortunately, these crops were only offered fresh during the growing season. The rest of the year they had to rely on canned or dried produce. As the times progressed, the invention of the freezer enabled people to obtain fresh-frozen produce all year long.

This resulted in the concentration of agricultural farming. Farms grew larger and the practice of monoculture became the standard which lowered their production costs. While this type of operation is adequate for produce that can be frozen, it is of little value to the grower of fresh greens and herbs. In addition, shipping fresh products over long distances speaks to its own inadequacy and therefore, the door has been left wide open for the benefits of hydroponic farming.

As hydroponic farmers, we are striving to perfect our practices to enable us to meet the demands of the ever changing agricultural production business. Space is becoming more and more limited, while the food demands are steadily rising so more and more produce will be grown hydroponically. The end result will be that people will have access to locally-grown, fresh-picked produce on a year-round basis.


Bruce started his first greenhouse in 1984 growing hydroponic lettuce after graduating from the University of Delaware. He has been growing ever since. In 1990 he acquired a farm in Shiloh, NJ with 2 greenhouses. Since then the operation has expanded to 15 greenhouses. He still operates this farm. For over 34 years Bruce has been committed to serving the finest food service distributors and supermarket chains Currently he is either the second or third largest grower of microgreens.

In 1996 Bruce was approached by scientists at Rutgers to see if he would develop methods to grow plants to be used in pharmaceuticals. From then until 2012 Bruce was associated with five pharmaceutical projects where very specific protocols had to be developed and followed to demonstrate to governmental authorities that each crop was the same. This effort included developing computers and associated software for controlling the environment and feeding so plants could thrive.

Using the protocol driven methods has revolutionized the ability to grow culinary products. As part of the pharmaceutical project a growing facility was established Mount Dora, Florida in 2002.  As a result Bruce learned about the significant benefits of growing in the Florida climate. Until July 2016 we only operated in rented facilities in Florida but in August of 2016 we purchased a 160,000 sq ft greenhouse to serve as our hub for growing fresh herbs and specialty greens.

Commitment to Quality

McGregor’s Micro Greens and herbs have a unique taste and flavor that can only be produced in our enhanced growing environment. We truly care about the quality of our greens which is why we only use the highest quality natural seed along with the safest and most precise nutrient mixing system. Our growing success is the result of hard work, attention to detail, and decades of experience.

Ideal Location

From decades of experience we have learned that when growing specialty greens and herbs location is key. McGregor's Greens are grown in the warm and sunny climate of central Florida. Thanks to our location our produce is strong, vibrant, and full of flavor. We never have a shortage of natural sunlight and as a result our produce is always consistent and reliable.

Computer Controls

For the past 20 years, McGregor's has been at the forefront of computer controlled greenhouses and hydroponics.  From decades of experience we have learned that automation is the key to better growing.  We have worked very hard to develop a system that truly automates the process of greenhouse growing.

Dedicated Team

McGregor's Greens are grown, harvested, and shipped by a team of dedicated and knowledgeable individuals.  Our entire staff is passionate about providing you the freshest and highest quality greens available. To learn more about our team click here.

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